Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy lil lady!!

So much has been going on the last month, that I haven't had time to update the blog in awhile! Ellie is a funny little lady, she has the best personality & doesn't miss a beat! I take her to physical therapy twice a week with me & she has now become their 'mascot' (so they say)! They can't believe that she's is always so happy, no matter what time of day, she's smiling at everyone & admiring the people in crutches:) 
She loves her bath time; I never knew that watching a little one in the tub for 15 mins could be so fun! Ellie has started crawling, especially towards Beaux! Her 2 bottom teeth have come in & the top ones are trying to come thru, but I think we have a week still before those come out! 
Uncle Jonathan & Margaret got engaged!!! We couldn't be more excited! Can't wait to see them soon! 
Daddy had the other day off, so we headed up to Cincinnati to the Newport Aquarium! Ellie LOVED the fish!! She would watch them swim over her & try to touch them! They had a bird exhibit, where you could feed the birds. I wasn't too happy with this one, but Ellie loved it! She was trying to take a bird home with her I swear!!! She kept reach & grabbing it:) My only problem was the more people kept feeding these things, the more they were going to the bathroom ON PEOPLE!!! Luckily we escaped without any incidents! 
But here are some recent pics of the little one!