Sunday, July 20, 2008

The NEW swimming pool!

So about a month ago we purchased a pool for the backyard (we're "testing" pools before Ellie gets here!), that pool wasn't the best so we have a NEW one and it's AMAZING! It's big and so comfortable, I mean you can seriously lean back, kick your feet up and go to sleep. Just ask Brantley, he slept in it for 2 hours! Plus, the alligator matches the pool, Beaux hasn't warmed up to the alligator yet-he's not sure why the alligator moves in the water (the wind blows him around from end to end and Beaux tries to catch him!). Ellie loves it already, she was kicking up a storm when I was sitting in it! I think we might have a lil' swimmer!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July!

We had a fun 4th with the Nichols gang in town (including Margaret)!! We went downtown for the parade (that's an interesting site), showed them some fun places in Lexington and grilled some ribs! Jonathan was a master at throwing firecrackers-hit our neighbor and managed to throw a smoke bomb in Robbie's new car!!! He got the award for the weekend! ha! 
Ellie is growing like a weed, which i guess means i am too. She's so active, kicks me all the time and now Brantley is able to feel her too! It's truly amazing! We rearranged her room this past week, because we got the rocker back from being recovered and her room is looking great! I'll add the final pics after our shower Aug 9th! Mom and Robbie are coming up to help finish it off! Well here is a pic from the 4th (I'll add belly pics later-for those who keep asking about them-i know i'm bad about adding them!)